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Cuban company, founded in 1980 that has stood out within the country in the domain and knowledge of Information Technology, Automation and Communications, and since 2018 it incorporates metrology services. Belonging to the Union Cuba Petroleum Business Group (CUPET) of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) and oriented mainly to the country's oil industry sector, although its products and services can also be generalized to satisfy other industries.

Tecnomática has established itself as a leading company in the creation of new products, systems, applications, project execution, provision of services and marketing of computer equipment. It has the category of importing company and wholesaler in Cuba.

As part of its certifications, it has a Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 by Bureau Veritas and by NC ISO 9001: 2015 by the National Office of Standardization of the country and is also registered in the National Registry of Builders, Planners and Consultants of the Republic of Cuba.